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Raumati Liquor Storm

2014 July 30
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Proposed site for  bottle store -- Photo, Ian Linning

Proposed site for bottle store — Photo, Ian Linning

Raumati Beach residents’ petition against new alcohol outlet

By Alan Tristram

A growing number of residents and business owners at Raumati Beach are signing a petition opposing a new liquor store in the village.

As a result, the KCDC’s District Licensing Committee says it has been obliged to hold a full public hearing.

The Kapiti Coast District Council says ‘an application to turn a Raumati Beach grocery and cellar shop into a bottle store will be considered by a formal hearing convened by the Licensing Committee, at which objectors will have a full opportunity to voice their concerns.’ read more…

Andy’s View on Ukraine

2014 July 30
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Dr Putin

Successful Ski Camp Fund Raising

2014 July 30
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Enterprising Waikanae School Seniors

By Peter Corlett

IMG_1733Last Friday was a big event for the Year 7-8s at Waikanae School. Later this term these students have their bi-annual ski camp, on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu. They were given an opportunity to show theirentrepreneurial spirit and organisational abilities through fundraisingactivities, with money raised to go towards the cost of going on camp.

Under a cloudy sky and with dozens of stalls sporting:
~ tantalising sweets
~ sherbert
~ toffee apples
~ popcorn
~ toffee apples
~ homemade baking.

There were plenty of tempting treats.

Stalls + activities + games = cash to fund camp costs

There were also many activities and games of various kinds that children could participate in, such as target shooting, hair colouring, golfputting, quoits, raffles, skittles, and face painting.

With several thousand dollars raised it will make funding the ski camp a bit more financially manageable for many of the students, paying theequivalent of half the cost of one of the two buses that will take childrento the ski fields.

The whole event created much excitement for stallholders and Room 6 customers alike, and fortunately concluded shortly before it rained!

Humble Italian Wins The Tour

2014 July 29
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Those past few days, when I was asked which one was my best moment of the Tour, I anticipated that no feeling of happiness could be compared to what we feel on the podium at the Champs-Elysées. It’s even more beautiful than what I could imagine.Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali

Expect the unexpected

By Roger Childs

NibaliThis year’s tour was expected to be a battle between the 2013 winner Chris Froome and Spain’s Alberto Contador. Having won in 2007 and 2009, Contador was stripped of the 2010 title because of drug taking and served a one year ban. However the expected clash between the former winners did not eventuate as both had to retire after being involved in crashes in the first half of the three week race.

Out of the wings came an acknowledged contender, Vicenzo Nibali, who had won the Giro d’Italia in 2013. Nibali decided not to ride the June Giro this year to save himself for the Tour de France. It was a gamble that paid off handsomely. read more…

Record Entry For Local Golf Event

2014 July 28
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

The size of the field is probably as a result of the exceptionally good state of the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club course. Jenny MacKay

Women coming from far and wide to the links tournament

Golf - NZ Amateur Strokeplay Championships, 23 March 2013A record total of 116 women have entered the annual Ladies’ Paraparaumu Beach Golf Open on Saturday, August 2.

This is one of the prestige events in the ladies’ golfing calendar in the wider Wellington region.

Women are coming from as far away as Mt Maunganui and Masterton, with more than 60 visitors registered. Most are from the Wellington, Hutt, Kapiti and Horowhenua. read more…

Maori Youth Boost

2014 July 28
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Nga Kakano members meet at a Paraparaumu building site to talk about their futures

Nga Kakano members meet at a Paraparaumu building site to talk about their futures

Violent deaths in Kapiti succeeded by plan to help young Maori

By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast Council will get $40,000 from a Ministry of Youth Development fund to help develop the prospects for young Maori.

The programme is a beacon of hope following outbreaks of drunken violence in the Paraparaumu shopping area which led to the deaths of two young Maori men.

The Ngā Kākano (The Seeds) programme was initiated from a series of hui held by family and friends of Sean Strongman-Lintern and Izak Millanta who died tragically in the 2012 killings in Paraparaumu. read more…

The Business of Selling Football Teams

2014 July 27
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

One bad season for Manchester United has not shaken General Motors Co’s belief in its $559 million sponsorship deal with the English soccer club… Ben Klayman, Reuters

pre-season tourA truly global sport

By Dave Daniel

Across the globe it is time for pre-season tours as teams prepare for their local leagues to begin. They’re not really local of course, as games and news are quickly beamed around the world via TV and internet. So the latest football becomes a part of supporters’ lives in almost any country they reside. So many of today’s top clubs are big business, very big business.  read more…

US Can Bring Peace To Palestine

2014 July 27
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. Deuteronomy 19: 21

Time to stop Israeli – Palestinian violence for ever

 By Roger Childs

Gaza conflictConflict in  Palestine is sadly a regular occurrence. Whenever Hamas or any other group starts lobbing shells into Jewish settlements, the Israeli government follows the biblical injunction spelled out in Deuteronomy. Inevitably, the eyes, teeth and lives taken weigh heavily in favour of the state of Israel.

After 17 days of fighting, at least 700 Palestinians and 35 Israelis have been killed by the air strikes and ground operations. Karen Shuey “Lancaster Online” July 26 2014 read more…

Howarth Block Potential

2014 July 26
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Our vision is to create a world class sports and recreational facility for multiple sports and for people of all ages and abilities, from novice to elite level, while at the same time catering for vast numbers of recreational users. The Kapiti Sports Circuit Group

A far-sighted move

By Roger Childs

Howarth Block kidsThe acquisition of a large area of land south of the Waikanae River was one of the best actions of the last council. The block was specifically bought for the development of sporting facilities for the growing Kapiti community. Some of the land has already being turned into sports fields and 4500 plants were recently bedded in by council staff along the western side.

However the development of the area is in its infancy and KCDC is seeking public submissions on how the potential of the Howarth Block can be realised. The deadline for submissions is Friday August 1. (See further details below.) read more…

Road To WWI:July Crisis

2014 July 16
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

 Finally a situation arises when a Great Power can no longer just look on but must draw the sword. German Kaiser Wilhelm II to the Austrian Chief of General Staff, July 6 1914

Remembering a revolution and a war

By Roger Childs

Paris fireworksJuly 14 is Bastille Day and it celebrates the storming of the notorious Paris prison during the French Revolution of 1789. It is France’s National Day and this year, on the hundredth anniversary of the start of World War One, there have been special ceremonies as well as dramatic fireworks around the Eiffel Tower.

It was in July 1914 that the great powers of Europe were faced with the possibility of fireworks of a different kind. Could they prevent a minor crisis in the Balkans leading to major war? read more…