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Jackie Elliot Censured

2014 July 24
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

ElliottKapiti Council takes rare move of castigating elected Councillor

By Alan Tristram

In a rare move, the Kapiti Coast District Council has voted by a majority to censure one of its Councillors.

Councillor Jackie Elliot has been admonished for breaching the Elected Members’ Code of Conduct.

But two councillors, K Gurunathan and Tony Lloyd, refused to join the other councillors and Mayor Ross Church in the move against Cr Elliott.

Cr Gurunathan said: “This is a wet bus ticket that has cost ratepayers $15,000!” read more…

Wonderful Ho Chi Minh City

2014 July 24
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

The contrast between rich and poor may have intensified, but the warmth of the ordinary people is as comforting as that which I left in Thailand.

The challenges of city traffic

By Ralph McAllister

Ho Chi Minh trafficThis is the eighth time I have returned to Ho Chi Minh in the last few years. What is the attraction?

For you, it may not be the traffic. Every day, the pavements, a euphemism if ever there was one, are crammed with motorbikes, parked or moving. Pedestrians are definitely second rate citizens.

The roads are unbelievably busy, again, mostly with the ubiquitous bike. Crossing the road needs a special technique. You walk slowly and, most importantly, you do not hesitate. The other side may be a long way away but, magically, traffic weaves around you, and mishaps are few and far between. read more…

NZ Union Condemns Israel

2014 July 23
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

gaza warUnite says NZ Govt should shut Israeli Embassy in Wellington

By Alan Tristram

In reaction to the carnage in the fighting between Israel and Hamas, the Unite Union says the NZ Government must stop its one-sided pro-Israel stance.

It also says the Government  should close the Israeli Embassy in Wellington, stop the special visa-free arrangement for young Israelis coming to New Zealand, and boycott Israel. read more…

Israel’s Embassy on Operation

2014 July 23
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

tanks“Operation Defensive Edge is Israel’s Response to Hamas’ Aggression,” says Embassy

By Alanb Tristra

The Israeli Embassy in Wellington says the operation in Gaza is not of Israel’s choosing.

“Time and again, Israel acted – and refrained from acting – in order to avoid a confrontation.” says the Embassy.

“In stark contrast to Israel’s restraint, Hamas has consistently taken actions designed to inflame the situation further and extend the hostilities.” read more…

Amazing Sports Stories 6: Payne Stewart

2014 July 22
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

If golf is an art, Payne Stewart was the colour.  Friend and fellow PGA golfer, Paul Azinger

A golfer and a gentleman

by Roger Childs

Payne Stewart US OpenHe died in a plane crash in South Dakota in 1999 at the height of his career. Compared with greats like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Tiger Woods, Payne Stewart only won three majors, yet nonetheless has become a golfing legend.  He has had roads and a golf course named after him; he was admitted to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001; there is a statue of him at Pinehurst Resort and the Payne Stewart Award is presented annually to a PGA golfer. What makes this guy so special? read more…

Horowhenua Mayor Honoured

2014 July 21
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Photo - Brendan Duffy - Horowhenua MayorHorowhenua Mayor elected as LGNZ’s new Vice President

By Alan Tristram

Horowhenua Mayor Brendan Duffy has been voted the new Vice President of Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) by members at their 2014 conference in Nelson.

LGNZ is the sector voice for all 78 councils in the country, advocating on behalf of members and leading the sector’s commitment to improve practice and efficiency, enable economic growth, community vibrancy and environmental wellbeing. read more…

Magic Kapiti Morning

2014 July 21
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Magic Kapiti MorningPhoto of the Week

From KIN Photographic Editor Ian Linning

 ‘Magic Kapiti Morning’ shows Kapiti at 07.30am on May 10th this year.

The light conditions were quite amazing with the early post-dawn light creating the  texture on the island — and also creating the rainbow on the left hand side.

I’ve lived for  10 years on the Coast, and these are some of the most unique lighting conditions I’ve seen.

(For the photographic enthusiast, the image was captured on a Canon 5D MK 111, ISO 320, 1/400 @ f4.0)

Extra Note: And I was still in my pyjamas when I captured this!

Cunliffe et Brutus

2014 July 20
by Kapiti Independent Reporters


Football players and their money

2014 July 19
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

After helping Germany lift the World Cup midfielder Mezut Ozil (pictured below), has captured the hearts of Brazilian youngsters, after revealing he has donated around £350,000 of his personal winnings to 23 children’s surgeries in the South American country. The Telegraph

Looking towards next season

By Dave Daniel

Mesut OzilNow that the World Cup is over, players around the globe are in various states of pre-season training and tours, and also perhaps just waiting to see where they will be playing next season. Managers are currently looking to refine their squads and make decisions on who they will keep and who they will sell. Others players may still be on holiday in exotic climes with family and friends, spending some of their rather large wages. read more…

Legal Highs Worry

2014 July 19
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

legal highsKapiti Council to tell Govt it wants ban on psychoactive drugs

By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast District Council says it will tell Government of its worries about being unable to stop the sale of psychoactive substances (legal highs) on the Coast.

The Psychoactive Substances Law introduced this year provides for councils to develop Local Approved Product Policies (LAPPs) to restrict the location of places where legal highs can be sold. The Ministry of Health will grant licences to sell legal highs on the basis a LAPP. read more…